• Physical Therapy and Sports Therapy
    • Assessment
    • Treatment
    • Rehabilitation
    • Prevention
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)
  • Lymphoedema bandaging
  • Compression: Measurement for custom-made and off-the-shelf Medical Compression Garments – Medi, Jobst, Juzo, Elvarex, Jobskin, Circaid, Readywrap
  • Orthopaedic Supplies such as orthotics, support pillows, Therabands

As only one client is treated at a time, each client gets our full, undivided attention.

Your time is respected. You will be seen at the time you have booked.

Physical Therapy and Sports Therapy


We will carry out a thorough history-taking and assessment with you to establish the cause of your problem. We will then develop a programme which is specific to you and your underlying condition. Your sports goals will be taken into account.


We will work with you, using hands-on manual techniques to treat your problems. We will ensure continual assessment and monitoring during your treatment.


We provide rehabilitation following surgery, for example hip replacement, knee ligament repair, cartilage repair. Rehabilitation is always done at your pace, taking into account your range of movement, strength, endurance capacity, healing capabilities, the type of surgery performed and the amount of effort you are able to give.



We will help you to prevent further problems through providing an ongoing home exercise programme and/or a maintenance treatment schedule to suit your needs.

We will always provide you with sound advice and promote ways to help you avoid further injury.

When appropriate, your Therapist will involve other health professionals, such as your GP.

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